There was a time when wireless networks were just a an addition on to your existing legacy IT infrastructure. Now Wireless is critical to your organization’s success.

Wireless networks were a convenience; today they are a necessity. The huge increase in wireless capable devices, as well as surging user expectations of wireless connectivity, mean that today’s enterprises are becoming increasingly ever reliant on wireless networks and mobility solutions to run their businesses.

These wireless solutions must deliver the highest quality of service, configuration simplicity, focus deeply on network security, and provide necessary scalability to add capacity when required. When your mission-critical systems are running on wireless networks, accessed from numerous devices and numerous locations, there can be no margin for error.

At WPG, we work with our customers to design, deploy/integrate and support wireless networks and mobility solutions that deliver the most reliability, best-in-class speed of service, and seamless network coverage—even in the most complex and demanding RF environments.

Our team of talented Architects can help you with your organization’s wireless and mobility requirements:

  • Expert assessment – Our accumulated expertise means we can assess your current capabilities, work with you and your team to create a viable vision for the future, and design a solution that turns that vision into a reality. Seamlessly.
  • Implementation experience – Based on our vast experience across many industry verticals, we know what’s appropriate for each customer, and we design and implement a solution that fits your unique needs and budget.
  • Industry certifications – We’ve achieved the highest levels of accreditation from the world’s leading key wireless vendors, and all our engineers hold the top certifications in their areas of specialization.
  • Ongoing Transition support – We have a long track record of helping customers make the change from wired networks to high density wireless solutions, allowing us to deliver a seamless transition process.
  • Speedy Issue Resolution – Our unrivalled experience means we’re experts at troubleshooting issues in complex RF environments, so we can fix any problems quickly and effectively.