With WPG managed services, you’ll be free from necessary, but time-consuming tasks. Tasks like monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. Leveraging our solution, you will be free to focus the right people and resources on the right things. Your strategic initiatives will fall into place all while increasing efficiency and productivity.

At WPG, we understand that not all managed services are created the same.

We understand your environment is 100% unique to you. We understand that you need more than just extra bodies. We also understand you need knowledge and experience. That’s why at WPG, more than 80% of our total staff are highly certified engineers.

With WPG’s managed services, you get a 100% turnkey, full-service IT solution that includes our full team of experts in the industry, 24×7 phone and email help desk support, which are tested and based upon proven ITIL best practices in IT managed hosting.

All of this is created into a high availability service level agreement (SLA) that financially guarantees your satisfaction. Gone are the 3 year terms and contracts, we can structure short term arrangements and longer term solutions, it all depends on what YOU need.

Our managed services remove the hassle of managing your own servers and services.

We effectively become an extension of your company’s IT team, and you get the full benefit of access to our experts across a plethora of IT verticals.

– Our Managed Services solutions can offer complete turnkey 24x7x365 support of your IT environment

  • Custom Managed Services solutions are available to provide support for:
  • Server Management, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Network and Security Infrastructure Management, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Superb ticketing system to allow for “Business As Usual & Moves/Add/Change” work (No more long turnaround times to get things done. Keep your business running at ALL times)
  • Regular software bug scrubs and onsite/remote remediation services
  • Storage solutions management
  • Fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery (on-site and/or cloud)
  • Service-Level Agreements that are best-in-class (references can be made available)
  • Cloud based portal for you to view your environment at all times
  • Ensuring your mission-critical information systems are ALWAYS available